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Full-Service Expert Concrete Floor Polishing
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Take any type of commercial concrete flooring from dusty and dull to a shiny, like-new appearance with professional concrete floor polishing. Your business deserves the best. Let We Got Next Commercial Cleaning and More revitalize your concrete floors.

Polished Concrete Floors

Lackluster concrete floors detract from your business’s professional image. At We Got Next Commercial Cleaning and More, our experts polish cement flooring to reveal a dust-free, lustrous sheen. We use the latest equipment and cleaning solutions to renew even the dullest concrete floor surfaces. Our time-tested, streamlined process gives you beautiful, polished results for any type of concrete flooring. Let us show you how polished concrete floors will enhance your commercial building and create an inviting environment for customers.

Epoxy Floor Polishing

Epoxy floor polishing services from a professional team take the guesswork out of the process. We Got Next is the team for the job. Your commercial epoxy flooring requires specialized care and polishing. Not just any cleaning service will do. At We Got Next, you can count on polished epoxy floor services to extend your flooring’s lifespan and help it look its best all year long. You will enjoy more durable, attractive epoxy flooring with affordable services that work for your business budget.

Stained Concrete Floor Polishing - Interior and Exterior

Are you looking for dependable stained concrete floor polishing? It’s time to discover the professional services from We Got Next. Our experts know what it takes to keep your business’s concrete flooring in optimal condition. We provide polishing services for interior and exterior concrete floors, so you can promote your best look to customers and visitors. Our polishing techniques and solutions take your stained concrete flooring from dull to spotless and shiny. Trust We Got Next for all your stained concrete floor polishing needs.

Quartz Floor Polishing

Is it possible to keep natural stone flooring looking beautiful all year long? It is when you have We Got Next on the job! Let us show you how quartz floor polishing will give stone floors a long-lasting luster to enhance your commercial building. With professional maintenance and polishing, you can count on your quartz floors looking their best for years to come. If you are tired of dingy flooring, get in touch to experience the We Got Next difference for your polished quartz floors.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Nearly any concrete flooring or cement that is structurally sound is suitable for concrete polishing services. Polishing old concrete floors can quickly rejuvenate your business while polishing finished concrete floors will extend their durability and lifespan. The cost to polish existing concrete floors varies from business to business. By investing in professional services, you will ensure you are getting long-lasting, optimal results. Turn to We Got Next Commercial Cleaning and More for concrete floor polishing to bring new life to your concrete floors.

If you are looking for services to give your commercial building a shiny concrete floor, seek a company that provides sealed concrete floors services. A professional team specializing in sealed concrete floors uses equipment and solutions to give your flooring a lustrous shine. While lackluster floors detract from a professional image, polished floors elevate your commercial property. Your visitors and customers will feel confident, knowing you take pride in your building. Is it time to rejuvenate your finished concrete floors? Reach out to We Got Next Commercial Cleaning and More.

Have you noticed unsightly scratches on your finished concrete floors? Expert concrete floor polishing services protect your commercial concrete surfaces, extending the lifespan. Professionals can make your concrete floors resistant to moisture, chips, and scratches by applying a sealant. As a result, your sealed concrete floors will look beautiful longer, and you can avoid a costly premature replacement. Just say no to scratches on your polished concrete floors by turning to We Got Next for reliable floor polishing and sealing services.

There are several steps professionals will take to achieve industrial polished concrete floors. The technicians begin by using specialized tools to remove any existing floor coatings. Next, they use a sealant to seal joints and cracks in the flooring. Once they have smoothed out the surface, the pros will apply a chemical hardener and begin polishing the flooring until it gleams. Applying a stain guard to finished concrete floors will prolong the shine and provide an extra layer of surface protection. At We Got Next, our experts know what it takes to polish industrial concrete floors for stunning results that last for years. Contact our team to schedule services.

Costs for concrete floor polishing vary based on your business size and the company that performs the services. On average, the polished concrete floors cost will be from $2 to $12 per square foot for commercial concrete floors. Because most business subflooring is concrete, business owners find that polishing existing concrete floors is cheaper than installing new flooring. At We Got Next Commercial Cleaning and More, our experienced technicians have the tools and expertise to rejuvenate your concrete flooring for an affordable price. Get an estimate for concrete floor polishing by reaching out to our team.

For optimal results, schedule concrete floor polishing once every two or three years. Regular polishing services from an experienced team will extend the lifespan of your concrete flooring and keep it looking its best. With the proper maintenance and care, your business’s polished concrete floor can last more than 20 years without the need for frequent repairs. Do you need concrete floor polishing near me? Contact We Got Next Commercial Cleaning and More to schedule services.


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